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Katrina King-Lead Vocals

Katrina hails from Southern Maryland. Katrina is a classically trained singer; she was accepted to the University of Miami (in Miami, FL - not Ohio) Frost School of Music and studied opera before deciding to pursue her other interest of political science.  Katrina has been involved in a number of choral ensembles since elementary school, most recently performing with the San Diego Master Chorale.  While her roots may be in the choral world, Katrina loves a wide variety of music, has always wanted to join a band, and decided to go for it in early 2018.  She is thrilled to be a member of Sonic Tonic and is looking forward to performing awesome music that gets the crowd rockin'!



Andrew Paffendorf - Bass

Andrew hails from Newburgh, NY. Son of a Dixieland piano player, Andrew was exposed to music at a very young age. Andrew played trombone and would jam with his dad and friends during hours long music sessions at home. Andrew eventually started playing guitar and played in various bands in the Hudson Valley. The most successful band, The D.H.'s, managed a few gigs in various local college towns. After stepping away for years, Andrew decided to play again and was a member of both O.S.G and Nattie and The Casual Tease. After a few false starts, Andrew, along with Rudy Manahan and Eyal Wigdor started a project that would become Sonic Tonic in 2015. Andrew switched over to bass in 2013 and has never looked back. Andrew has many musical influences rooted in the Alternative Rock scene, but also enjoys the Classic Rock he grew up on. Andrew is an avid fan of the New Jersey Devils and used to play hockey with Rudy in the 1990's!

 Photo By Chuck Gawlik

Photo By Chuck Gawlik

 Photo By Hai Tran

Photo By Hai Tran

Tim mccabe - Guitar

Tim Hails from Scranton PA. Tim started playing guitar at age 15 when he and his friends decided to start a band. Tim has been playing in bands off and on ever since and has played many styles from Doom Metal to Punk to Blues. Tim has played in many bands both on the East and West Coasts, both originals and covers. Some of Tim's bands have included Repugnant Slug, The Cretins, Side Over, and The Dumest Animals. Tim recorded a CD with his originals band, Mojave Green. Tim's playing style is hard hitting and loud, but with enough touch to soften it up to fit any genre. Tim's favorite bands have shaped his sound and have given him a unique sound that compliments any rock genre. Tim joined Sonic Tonic in 2016 and hasn't looked back! As Tim likes to say "Drive fast, take chances" and "If it's too loud, then you are too old!"

Tommy Chacon - Keys, Guitar

Tommy hails from San Diego, CA. Tommy is a very talented multi-instrumentalist who adds a whole new dimension to Sonic Tonic's sound. He plays both keys and guitar. Tommy grew up teaching himself to play guitar and piano along with his record collection and what ever popped up on the radio. When Tommy turned 19 he decided to study music academically. He began both guitar and drum lessons as well as music theory and ear training lessons along with playing in different ensembles through Mesa College, Mira Costa College and SDSU. When Tommy isn't playing with Sonic Tonic, he enjoys all that San Diego has to offer. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

 Photo By Hai Tran   

Photo By Hai Tran



rudy Manahan - Drums

Rudy Hails from San Diego, CA. Rudy is a classically trained Jazz drummer. He was the Drum Major and Drum Line Section Leader of his high school marching band as well as the drummer in his high school Jazz ensemble. He had a revelation one day when he discovered Iron Maiden and got hooked on 80's metal. In 1985 he joined a Heavy Metal band called Saint and played various parties around San Diego. For two years he was employed by the San Diego City School District to the Jr. ROTC Drum Corps program at his former high school which won two city titles during his tenure. In 1988, Rudy made the decision to step away from playing, a mistake he now regrets. In 2013, Rudy decided to play again and was an original member of O.S.G. and Nattie and The Casual Tease. In 2015, Rudy, along with Andrew and Eyal Wigdor formed Sonic Tonic. It's time to ROCK AND ROLL!!! \m/  \m/